The Adventurer Science Club at Breckinridge County Middle School and High School is exploring the outdoors through kayaking, canoeing, biking, and hiking trips! During these outdoor adventures, the club will be learning environmental science, safety, and much more!


The Music and Movement Club at Hardinsburg Elementary is building simple musical instruments while exploring the science behind sound! The club will be performing and building on their skills at each meeting!


The Healthy Lifestyles Club at Irvington Elementary is developing healthy habits, taste testing nutritious recipes, practicing meditation, stretching, and enjoying a variety of fun physical activities!


The Babysitting Club at Breckinridge County Middle School is exploring how to start a successful babysitting business, while creating a safe, fun, and educational environment. You are exploring ages and stages of child development, appropriate play, healthy snacks, first aid and safety, marketing, and more!


Interested in becoming a 4-H Volunteer and leading an after school club? Contact the Extension Office today to find out how to start an after school club in Breckinridge County!