Bug Club

Insects are fascinating creatures. They are a part of everyday life. Youth enjoy a study of these tiny animals, watch them “work,” and discover their homes/shelters. Youth are encouraged to study Entomology because of the huge impact that insects have on their daily life.

4-H Entomology projects have a long history in Kentucky. Many 4-H youth have been introduced to the study of insects by creating insect collections for county and state fair competition. Insect collections are a fun way to learn and may spark the beginning of a career in Entomology. A professional Entomologist must know the proper techniques for collection, preservation, and identification of insects and the significance of insects to agriculture and natural resources.

The Breckinridge County 4-H Bug Club works throughout the year completing insect collections, in addition to, interacting with live bugs, planting pollinator gardens, learning about cultures that eat insects, and much more! The club meets each month to learn about a different topic related to insects.