Breckinridge County 4-H Puppy Pals

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The 4-H Dog Program in Kentucky is designed to help 4-H’ers develop valuable skills, and make friends for life, whether they are 2 or 4 legged creatures! The Breckinridge County 4-H Puppy Pals Club meets every Thursday
at 6 p.m. (ct) at the Lazy Jim Day Dog Training Facility in Hites Run to continue working on training their dogs in obedience, rally, agility, and showmanship. Club members host the annual Breckinridge County Dog Show and attend local and state 4-H Dog Shows to showcase the skills they have developed.

The objectives of the Kentucky 4-H Dog Program include:

  • Learning about major dog breeds and be able to identify their characteristics
  • Studying the responsibilities of dog ownership
  • Demonstrating dog care and management, feeding, care, handling, and grooming
  • Keeping record of all costs and management practices
  • Learning and following dog health regulations, including first aid and simple treatments for ailments not requiring veterinary attention
  • Training dogs to follow simple commands
  • Understanding the role of scientific research in dog husbandry
  • Developing sportsmanship, cooperation, decision-making ability, and public speaking skills through participation in demonstrations, tours, judging, and/or exhibits
  • Practicing leadership skills and roles, take part in community affairs, and demonstrate citizenship responsibilities
  • Exploring career, job and productive leisure opportunities

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