The Kentucky State Fair hosts 4-H projects from across the state in Cloverville at the West Wing of the KY Fair and Expo Center. Cloverville consists of 18 divisions where 4-H'ers can showcase their projects. In order to exhibit a 4-H project in Cloverville, 4-H'ers must first compete in their county and be selected as the Grand Champion in the class. These grand champions advance to the Kentucky State Fair and are exhibited in Cloverville where they are judged on the Danish System. During the State Fair, 4-H dog, rabbit, and larger livestock events are taking place across the fairgrounds. 4-H’ers can also compete in judging events, bicycle rodeo, quiz bowls, skill-a-thons, and more. Below are the guidelines for Cloverville entries at the Kentucky State Fair. The Breckinridge County Fair’s 4-H exhibits follow these same classes.

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6015  Horticulture

6018  Crops 

6025  Wood Science

6026  Entomology

6029  Decoupage, Watercolor Painting, Jewelry, Ceramics

6030  Photography

6033  Quilt Mat

6035  Food

6036  Food Preservation

6039  Exploring Your Home

6042  Trends