Citizenship development is a basic part of 4-H, and is reflected in many projects and activities conducted by 4-H members and their leaders.  What does citizenship mean to you? How do you act as a citizen of your community, your country, your world? There is no limit to the activities you may participate in to become a better citizen.  They can be interesting, challenging and fun and can help you learn more about your role as a citizen.  Together we develop relationships between ourselves and others. Then we enhance the way you think, feel and act toward family, friends, peers, and people in our community, county, state, nation and world.

What do others think about when they thing of the word "citizenship"?  For some, it's pride in country; for others it's involvement in problem-solving and community issues; and still others, it's preservation of natural resources. What about you?  How will you use your citizenship and leadership ability to improve your world?

Develop your own citizenship by joining the Breckinridge County 4-H Teen Club! This club meets monthly to plan and implement different community service projects and civic projects to develop the leadership of local teens.

2017 KY 4-H Gold Achievement Award Recipients